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SEC-MAT is an open access neutral marketplace for real time spot market transactions.

Instant access to a worldwide market, a liquid pool of willing buyers and ready sellers with access to current market prices.

How The Clearinghouse Works

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The Secondary Materials & Commodity Clearinghouse (SEC-MAT) is an open access, neutral marketplace. Anyone may become a SEC-MAT member and participate as a buyer or seller in the Secondary Materials & Commodity Clearinghouse regardless of the frequency of use or size of transactions.

Whether the buyer and seller are located across town from each other or if they are on opposite sides of the globe or whether the buyers and sellers know each other or not, it makes no difference in a SEC-MAT transaction. SEC-MAT provides integrity to the transaction and guarantees a conclusion.

Membership in SEC-MAT of both the buyer and seller insures the financial integrity of the Secondary Materials & Commodity Clearinghouse transactions.

Participation in SEC-MAT allows the liquidity for buyers or sellers to find a counter party at any time and allows anyone access to competitive world market prices in a transaction with little or no risk.

SEC-MAT is not a dealer, broker nor a processor of scrap materials. We are an exchange that provides a service to successfully execute transactions representing both the buyers and sellers interests equally. SEC-MAT does not take a position in commodities and does not compete with its clients.

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The Secondary Materials & Commodity Clearinghouse - File #: 9743
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