Crypto Cash and Blockchain

From hard Cash Money to electronic cash we are rapidly evolving into alternative forms of Digital Values.
New innovative concepts are being adopted on how we view what constitutes a Store of Value.
A proliferation of flavors of Offset Credits and Loyalty Points are integrating throughout society.

Business, Trade & Commerce

North American Trade

Blockchain Technology enables a higher level of encryption and security that may provide sophisticated supply chain tracking.

Cryptocurrency - a huge number of brands of coins or tokens are emerging in the public marketplace resulting in the establishment of crypto exchanges, futures markets and ETFs (exchange traded funds)
Bitcoin has risen to become one of the most popular brands of Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mining represents a potential mass consumer of energy.

ICO - Initial Coin Offerings - The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is developing clear guidelines on securities regulation in the crypto space.

Carbon Trading

Climate Change

Free Trade

Crypto Cash and Blockchain
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