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SEC-MAT is an open access neutral marketplace for real time spot market transactions.

Instant access to a worldwide market, a liquid pool of willing buyers and ready sellers with access to current market prices.

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As a part of the terms of SEC-MAT membership, both the buyer and seller appoint RecycleNet as the arbitrator in the event of a transaction dispute.

RecycleNet will, as a normal course of business, process any claims between the buyer and seller. If the buyer and seller do not mutually agree to a claims settlement, either party may request RecycleNet to render an administrative dispute resolution decision.

RecycleNetís dispute resolution settlement is absolute, final and binding on both parties as agreed to in advance, and in addition, both parties forfeit all rights for further remedies.

In this method RecycleNet can provide a guarantee of transaction settlement and no transaction will linger unsettled or in legal limbo.

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